Teacher Leader Courses (TL)

TL 7700
Adult Learning Theories and Managing Change (3)

千蠃官网国际网址This course will focus on the examination of how adults learn in instructional settings and managing change. The adult learners’ characteristics will be examined. Adult learning theory and current trends and advancements in adult learning and managing change will be examined. The focus will be on preparing the student to make better instructional decisions and use of resources in the education and training of adults.

TL 7702
Diverse Populations and Involving Parents/ Community Stakeholders in the School Setting (3)

千蠃官网国际网址The focus of this course is on the successful school for all students and exploring the critical issues of diversity. Issues relating to diversity and the implications for parental and community involvement will be analyzed. Candidates will explore the construct of diversity as it relates to: race, gender, military status, culture, sexual orientation, and second language learners. Through coursework, readings, group work, and field experiences students will be challenged to examine best instructional and leadership practices to develop sensitive and proactive responses to all members of the school community.

TL 7717
Mentoring (3)

千蠃官网国际网址The purpose of this course is to prepare educational leaders to serve as role models and mentors for individuals. The educational leaders will develop methods, techniques and organize mentorship programs. Leaders will develop a knowledge base upon which to make informed reflective decisions about mentorship programs in diverse educational settings.

TL 7737
Curriculum (3)

千蠃官网国际网址This course examines the tenets of curriculum. This course peruses the current research that supports student learning and engagement. In order for instructional leaders to promote effective learning environments, they must be able to understand, identify and apply effective learning theories and methodologies.

TL 7740
Creating Effective Learning Environments (3)

千蠃官网国际网址Instructional leaders must work within the framework of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in order to effectively create, develop and maintain a highly efficient learning environment. This course will present best practices and the most up to date research related to the creation of effective learning environments within the public schools. The focus of the course will be both theoretical and practical in nature. As a result of the course, instructional leaders will be able to establish, develop, and maintain and evaluate instruction in order to build an effective learning environment.

TL 7747
Instructional Coaching (3)

千蠃官网国际网址This course focuses on (a) common forms of instructional coaching including literacy coaching, cognitive coaching, and content coaching and (b) the components/stages of instructional coaching.

TL 7757
Staff Development

Candidates consider and evaluate methods for promoting professional growth focusing on the improvement of teaching and learning. Various approaches to staff development and in-service education are examined in terms of their purposes and components.

TL 7767
Communication and Consultation Methods Practicum (3)

千蠃官网国际网址This course explores communication models and consultation methods as well as the implementation of those models to improve educational practices in the teacher leader. The course provides an opportunity for the teacher leader candidate to perform a variety of activities that a teacher leader must perform, under the supervision of a practicing teacher/ instructional leader. Focus is placed on strategies that will result in enhanced communication among all stakeholders, and increased student achievement.

TL 7792
Advanced Comprehensive Research Strategies (3)

This course is intended to explore the concepts of quantitative and qualitative research methods application for research in education. Participants apply their skills in research design by completing a proposal for a substantive study related to the improvement of instructional services. A grade of “B” or better is required.

TL 7794
Research in Action (3)

The purpose of this course is to provide instructional leaders with a study of the processes involved in identifying, framing, evaluating, analyzing, and seeking information about problems faced by schools. The goal for the student is to propose a research and implement a study that examines a problem currently impacting the K-12 environment.

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