Social Science Courses (SS)

SS 6610
Grant Writing in the Social Sciences (3)

In the non-profit world as well as in social science research, grant writing is a valuable skill to acquire. This course will explain how to research potential funding sources not only in the social sciences but also in the social service sector. It will also provide hands-on experience in writing well-crafted proposals.

SS 6630
Quantitative Analysis in the Social Sciences (3)

千蠃官网国际网址This course is designed to teach what social scientists do with the data they gather. Particular attention is given to descriptive and inferential statistics, the relationship between research and policy, evaluation research and research ethics. Special emphasis is given to utilization of SPSS.

SS 6690
Seminar in Social Sciences (3)

千蠃官网国际网址This course will focus on current issues in the Social Sciences and prepare the student for transition into a Social Science career or further graduate study at the doctoral level.

SS 6691
Survey of Research Methods in the Social Sciences (3)

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the research methods used in the social sciences. Topics covered will include both qualitative and quantitative research methods, the nature of social scientific research, how to operationalize a research problem, quantitative research techniques, qualitative research techniques, research instrumentation, sampling procedures, data collection, data analysis, the presentation of research results, and the ethical concerns of social scientific research.

SS 6693
Thesis Practicum (3)

During this course, the student, under the supervision of the instructor, will design and implement a plan to collect and analyze data in preparation for the completing of the thesis.

SS 6695
Thesis (3)

During this course, the student, under the supervision of the instructor, will use data collected during SS 6693 Thesis Practicum to write a thesis as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master’s degree.

SS 6696
Introduction to College Teaching (3)

千蠃官网国际网址The purpose of this course is to introduce students to college and university level teaching. This class will present the responsibilities of college teaching, introduce learning outcomes, teaching strategies and different forms of learning evaluation. This class is designed for those who are interested in teaching in Social Sciences as the college/ university level.

SS 6698
Social Theory (3)

A survey of theoretical approaches used historically and currently in the Social Sciences.

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